{ hi! welcome to my portfolio }

I am a front end developer. I have been building websites for over 6 years. I love the whole process from start to finish whether it be the design or the developing. I am pretty fluent in Illustrator and Photoshop.

{ my process for design }

Research what my client needs and what they need to stand out from their competitors.

Drink a lot of coffee. Normally a few times per day.

Build a site with a bunch of code. Not just because I love it, but also because I wasn't as good at sports as my parents hoped I would be.

{ about my work }

100% custom designs

Every site I build is unique. I believe each client has their own needs which is why I refuse to let their site look like anybody elses. Plus, designing new things is half of the fun.

100% Responsive sites

I design for all platforms. Whether your customers are using desktop, tablet or mobile, you will have a unique design for each one.